Along with creating patterns and garments, Jackie and Beth present information about these items and the eras they were used in in various ways. Past Reflections has a strong history of appearing before groups as large as the American Sewing Expo,( one of the nations two largest), or as small as a tea for a local historical society.

We are happy to tailor our presentation for any age group and interest level.

Sometimes presentations are made by one person who comes dressed in period clothing.

Often a host will request that a fashion show be part of the presentation.

Digital Presentations

Jackie recently appeared in several episodes of the Civil War Digital Digest. Check them out in the links below.
Women's Winter Headwear
Open Sleeves
Sleeve Styles Introduction
Closed Sleeves
Short Sleeves
What's Inside?

Classes and Work shops

In the image on the right, Jackie was brought in by the Forest Farm Academy to teach a pattern drafting class.
Jackie and Beth are experienced with and happy to talk about clothing from the mid-1700s to the World War II era.

Here is an example of a workshop we have offered in the past.

A Belt Making Workshop
In the 1860's a belts were a practical, fashionable and common accessory pieces in a woman’s wardrobe. To emulate this as reenactors a belt is a simple way to add personal style and a great step towards making a dress into an authentic Victorian ensemble.

Past Reflections will be holding a work shop on how to create this practical accessory at their establishment on Saturday July 10, 2010 at the Fort Wayne Civil War Day’s Event. At the class you will learn how to stitch a simple belt with a cartridge pleated cockade closure. There will be a course fee of either $20.00 which will include a Silk Belt Kit containing crinoline, black silk fabric, an appropriate button for the center of the cockade and hook and eye closures or $15.00 which will include a Cotton Belt Kit containing crinoline, black cotton fabric, an appropriate button for the center of the cockade and hook and eye closures. Please bring your sewing boxes or chatelaines (find your thimbles….you’ll be thankful for them at the end of the day) and a chair with you to the workshop. In an effort to make sure we will have enough kits of appropriate sizes with us please be so kind as to send us a quick e-mail containing your waist measurement, and fabric preference before July 8 for a reserved space in the class.

Other topics include but are not limited to
Basic Bodice Fitting
Bonnet workshop
Cage Crinoline Workshop
and many more

If you would be interested in hosting a class for your group
if you are interested in class or workshop for a particular topic
please contact us!

Fashion Shows

We have been honored to be a part of numerous local festivals, special events and teas showing the fashions of by gone eras. These fashion shows often include a "dressing for the day"  to answer that ever popular question.... what gives your dress "that" shape? These dressing for the day presentations start out with a model in historical underclothing (often more clothing than guests are wearing fully dressed) and add all the layers approprate for giving the proper silouhette.
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Presentations / Lectures

Past Topics Include

  • Underneath It All- creating the proper historical silohouette
  • Boy's just want to have fun- historical clothing for little man
  • Victorian Embellishments

Historical Clothing Displays

From time to time we are asked to display items from our collection of historical garments for eductional purposes
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