Is sewing not a skill you have? Is time not a commodity you have to spend? Let Past Reflections make your next custom made historical garment. Custom made garments for Civil War living historians and other time periods has been the backbone of our company since it was founded.
This section of our website is designed to walk you though some of the options you have to choose from when planning your next ensemble. Still, with our nation's history being so rich and varied, no single website can provide you with all the options. We'd love to talk with you about your custom project. You can reach us through any of the methods found on the Contact Us page of this website.
Custom clothing is a large commitment. We require clients to come to for a minimum of three fitting. We also require a down payment of half the total cost of the finished garment payable when you order your garment.

The Civil War Era
Day Dresses, or Informal Wear

A Day Dress would be worn in the mornings or afternoons, for informal occasions such as breakfast, or household chores. They generally have a closed or close fitting sleeve. They can be fitted, gathered, pleated or fan front. The skirts are generally a little less full, but can be worn over multiple petticoats or a hoop. They are usually made of cotton or wool, for easy care.
The cost for a simple day dress starts at $400; contact us for a detailed price quotation on your custom orders.
Afternoon Dresses, or Semi-formal Wear
An Afternoon, Tea, or Promenade dress has more trim and generally a more open sleeve, like a modified or full pagoda sleeve, although a close fitting sleeve can be worn for the afternoon as well. The bodices are usually the same design as the day dress with more trimmings added. The skirts usually are fuller, to accommodate a fuller hoop, and have more fullness to the back of the skirt, which can be slightly longer and training. More expensive fabrics can be used for this style of dress: silks, wools, and finer cottons.
Afternoon dresses are more complex, and prices will vary more widely, starting at $600 for a simple model; contact us for custom orders.

Evening or Formal Wear
These dresses are made of the most lavish styling one could imagine. They usually have short sleeves, but a three-quarter length sleeve is also acceptable. They can open in the back or front, with buttons, hooks and eyes or eyelets. Very fine silks, cottons and blends of silk and wool have been known to be used for formal wear. The skirts are very full and sometimes training in the back. Expensive laces and trims were generally used for eveningwear.

The cost of an evening gown can vary enormously, depending on the complexity of the design and the trim, and the quality and type of fabric. Basic designs will start at $600; contact us for custom orders.
Children's Clothing
Children's clothing, during the American Civil War era, was not just the fluff and ruffles one might see in the popular fashion plates of the time. Most children's clothing served functional purposes. Boys' shirts and trousers would have buttoned to other underthings, as did some of the clothing for the girls. We find, in looking at original children's garments, that they were very utilitarian by their own design. Many of the styles of garments we reproduce are taken from documented children's clothing of whatever era they represent.
The cost of children's garments vary, so please feel free to contact us for your child's special historical clothing needs.


Accessory pieces encompass a large area of necessary items for the person wishing to create an accurate historical persona. One may start out with the dress, but it is what goes under the dress that will create the period silhouette. Our accessory category includes both underpinnings and outerwear. (Most women don't think about a coat or cape, until the temperatures fall into the range of "I'm chilly, dear. May I borrow your Greatcoat?" Nothing ruins a beautifully thought-out ensemble like a gentleman's greatcoat.) Ladies, let us create the perfect outer garment for you, along with a lovely bonnet, hood, or hat.
Again, because of the vast number of items in the accessory category, please contact us for pricing, so we may perfectly coordinate your wardrobe.

Other Time Periods

At Past Reflections, we are striving to supply your every historical time period needs. We have been reproducing clothing from the early 19th century through to the 1920s. Of late, we have reproduced dresses from the "Titanic" era as well as dresses that could be worn by members of SASS (Single Action Six Shooters). We have researched garments in museum collections as far west as Cody, Wyoming, so that we are accurate in the reproducing of garments from other time periods.
Please contact us for pricing on your special historical needs.